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3 Benefits Of Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad—also known as overseas education—is a common term that indicates going to a foreign country to receive an education. Students usually go overseas to obtain K12 programs undergraduate or post-graduate degrees. Why do so many students aspire to study in a different nation? What makes studying abroad appealing to students? All answers will be given in this article.

Because there are the pros and cons of studying overseas, this series will be split into 2 parts, and this is the first article revolving around how this type of education can benefit students. Stay tuned to read 3 Drawbacks of Studying Abroad,released next week.

1. Diverse Cultural Experiences

The immersion in a new and distinctive culture ranks Top 1 on the list of why studying abroad is so desirable.

Travel is like knowledge. The more you see, the more you know you haven’t seen

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Students, especially those with a burning passion for traveling, see overseas education not only as a change in environment but also as an open gate for a better understanding of the world. In fact, according to The Institute of International Students (IES), “98% of students said that the study abroad experience helped them understand their cultural values and biases better, and 94% stated that the experience continues to influence their interactions with people from different cultures.”

The shift in the landscape can be a new inspiration for students to feel more motivated in their learning journey. In a foreign country, students can observe the contrasts between their own culture and tradition in the new environment. The finding might allow students to understand the unique habits of citizens in that foreign place or even discover their new favorite dishes, for instance.

Furthermore, studying with foreign peers can broaden international students’ knowledge of different perspectives, which can help them become global citizens who have an open view of the world’s issues. With the multi-faceted insights, students can boost their critical thinking and empathy for several social matters such as racism, terrorism, and gender equality.

2. High Quality Education

Better-quality education can provide students with many valuable opportunities for their career path. One of the main reasons students urge to find scholarships to study abroad is that they want higher employability. Many students coming from a developing or poor country seek an up-to-date education because it is a significant step for them to improve their finance and help their families have better living conditions.

In addition, some students choose overseas education because the field of study might not be available in their home; therefore, studying abroad is an excellent option for them to pursue the right degree.

Trúc Anh (bìa trái) trong một hoạt động của dự án xã hội mà cô là đồng sáng lập	 /// Ảnh: NVCC
Vietnamese students received a scholarship for 12 US schools. Images by Thanh Nien News

3. Equip Students With Transferable Skills

Transferable Skills are abilities that can be applied and useful for various professions. Some of the most notable skills that overseas students can adopt are clear communication, independence, and collaborative skills.

Because studying in different settings is a challenge that requires students to have the determination and strong commitment to excel, those who succeed in overcoming obstacles including culture shock and language barriers will be more mature and resilient. Students can also improve their language acquisition and become bilingual or multilingual people, which will benefit their daily lives and even while working.

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