Helping One Student & One School at a Time

Who Are We?

We are a Hanoi based volunteer organization, made up  of Expats and local Vietnamese.   Our mission is to help make a difference in the lives of  impoverished school children in Vietnam. 

What Do We Do?

We supply teacher and student school supplies to impoverished schools and winter coats and boots.  We also collect slightly used clothing, shoes, toys and other housewares and get them out to areas and people who can use them.  

How Can You Help?

You can help by donating or collecting money so we can purchase the supplies and winter coats and boots, helping us collect actual supplies or donate your slightly used clothing or other items so we can redistribute them.   We are always looking for volunteers or schools to work together with. 

Why Support Us?

Because, it is all in the numbers

Over 10,000
pencils given
Over 2,000 school
supply kits given
Over 1,000
students helped
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