Our Work

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Our Work

We are currently working on three different initiatives to gather
materials needed for the children and their schools.

Winter Coats & Boots

Many children suffer through the cold winters so each year we fundraise to supply winter coats and boots for children (aged 3-18) to help keep them warm during the harsh winter months in Northern Vietnam. 

This past winter we raised enough funds for 600 winter coats and boots for our little Sprout students and delivered them to a rural commune in Son La. 

Student & Teacher Kits

Many teachers in Vietnam are given inadequate and insufficient funding to buy supplies for their classrooms, and many children cannot access or afford to buy the materials they need to complete their school assignments. 

This reality motivates us to focus on creating and supplying Student and Teacher School Supply Kits to schools at the start of each semester. 

Clothing Drive

We work directly with other charities and local NGO’s to help redistribute clothing to needy people around Hanoi and Northern Vietnam. 

We currently partner with Help Hanoi’s Homeless, HSCV and the Blossom House, Blue Dragon, and Keeping Little Hearts Warm, as well as local NGO’s in the communities we support, to ensure that people receive the clothing and assistance that they need.  

Our Goals 2019/2020

65 Teacher Kits

600 Winter Coats

750 Student Kits

750 Winter Boots

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