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Does Family Background Affect Student’s Academic Performance?

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Children’s performances at schools are indirectly and directly influenced by their family background. It is crucial to understand how family backgrounds impact students’ achievement because only by taking into account this factor can we reinforce current policies regarding education, especially “Equality in Education”.

The term “Family background” refers to the socio-economic status of a household, and encompasses the cultural, social, economic characteristics of a family. This article will discuss two components of family background that have definitive impacts on pupils’ academic performance.

The Influences of Parental Financial Status

It is clear that children who come from high-income families are more likely to receive quality education than those from lower-income households. More affluent parents have secured incomes to assure that their children have access to adequate studying materials and learning environments, while low-income families usually struggle to afford expensive resources because they have more expenses to cover.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, students are forced to adopt distance learning through virtual platforms. They usually need appropriate tools including laptops, headphones, stable Internet connection to learn online.

Wealthy families can immediately equip their children with advanced utilities, yet students who live in poor families might be unable to purchase all necessary pieces of equipment.

However, this does not mean that impoverished families cannot encourage their children to achieve great results at school. In fact, several students coming from poor families receive recognition for their outstanding academic achievements and resilience. Their parents’ lack of quality education has fueled their determination to make a better living.

Better-Educated Parents Are Really Better?

How parents raise their children in early stages largely shapes their later development in education and the labor force. While assessing the influence of family background on students’ academic performance in China, researchers supported this view by stating that “the educational attainment of higher education is affected by the education attainment during their childhood period.” (Li, Z., Qiu, Z., 2018).

Parents with adequate education have better knowledge on cultivating effective learning habits in their offspring; therefore, these families will provide their children with a more holistic raising by allowing them to attend extracurricular activities or to be independent earlier in life.

“Even small differences in access to the activities and experiences that are known to promote brain development can accumulate.

Anna J. Egalite

Parents with higher education also have wider networks of information regarding studying overseas or internship opportunities to support students in higher education. Furthermore, they might be more experienced in teaching youngsters how to cope with difficult mental problems and even building self-reliance.

In conclusion, the family background and the home does make a difference in a child’s education and educational achievements. With the support of their parents, even children born in poverty can achieve great outcomes.

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