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Who Deserves The Prize?

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“The prize cannot be won without effort.”

Latin Proverb

Have you ever looked at the top performers receiving awards and felt jealous that the school should have awarded the prizes to those who made the most progress? Most people’s answer would be: YES, which is understandable because they assume that the people who make the most progress are the ones who put in the most work and deserve it. As a result, there is a hot controversial debate between people who believe that schools should award pupils the highest academic results and others who argue that rewarding students who show improvements is more essential. This blog will discuss both these views and state my own opinion.

On the one hand, it is true that students who show improvements also need to spend time and effort studying and trying hard to make progress. Therefore, they may feel sad and disappointed even though they have tried their best, but they cannot be rewarded. They will feel inferior and think that they should not try anymore because no matter how hard they try, they will not be recognized by everyone.

For example, a student who does not study well before has tried as hard as possible to get the best results and rewards in school to make his parents happy. However, even though he has made significant progress when the results come out, he is still not receiving the awards and cannot make his parents happy. He will feel discouraged and does not want to waste time trying to do things he cannot ever do, and his results come back to the bad ones before. Instead, if the school gives them an award, they will feel motivated and continue to improve the next time.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that schools should prize the pupils who have the best academic results. Firstly, it is easier to reward these students as they have specific numbers and statistics to compare pupils than students who show improvements. To award pupils who have amendments, schools have to consider which students make bigger progress, which is not easily seen by statistics and numbers but by a whole long process.

Moreover, if schools reward students who show improvements, the ones with the highest scores may feel discriminated against even though they have the best results; the pupils who are rewarded have worse results than they. They will think that even having the best mark is not prized, why they have to try to study to get this result, and they will stop trying, and their scores will decrease.

In conclusion, I think that every school or classroom should have both of these awards because they both deserve it when they put in a lot of time and effort. Giving both types of awards also motivates more people to learn and develop themselves further to receive the award. I hope one day, these two types of awards will be applied in all classrooms and schools worldwide.

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