Video Games And Education For Children

Video Games And Education For Children

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There has been a debate between people about the effect of video games on children players for a long time. Some people believe that they are extremely advantageous in education while others that they are harmful to people who play them, especially to school-age children. In my opinion, playing video games will create certain benefits when parents have control over their children, but if there is a lack of control and selection of game content, playing games will bring a number of drawbacks.

On the one hand, there are several reasons why video games are regarded as a useful educational tool. Firstly, playing these games can train players to be nimble and quick-sighted as they have to combine using both hands and eyes while playing. As a result, their reflex to things will be improved, which helps them a lot in studying and thinking. This is why games are one of the most applied methods when teaching children from 1-5 years old; this is the time when children’s senses are most developed and they can easily absorb knowledge from parents and surroundings.

Furthermore, numerous intelligent video games can help players to practice their cleverness and raise tactical standards. For instance, numerous video games require the players to make plans for the battles and find ways to win over the opponents, which helps train their strategy ability strategy. In fact, there are many teachers who have applied playing video games to their curriculum as a way to attract students’ attention and help them remember the lesson content faster.

Teachers can integrate the content of the lessons into the game. As a student, I think that students love this learning method more than the traditional methods. This helps students remember the lesson content longer, feel more interested, and love the lesson. This is also considered a way to test students’ understanding of the and way to increase interaction between students and teachers during the lesson.

On the other hand, howeeveryone should considere are some downsides to video sider. First of all, video games can easily make players addicted to them without parental control. Therefore, gamers tend to immerse themselves in video games and neglect their stdecreasingease in school performance. I have witnessed quite a few cases of students degenerating into playing video games, leading to stealthily stealing money from their parents to load into games or to spend in internet shops instead of spending time with their school work. This will seriously affect not only the student’s academic performance that school year but also their college future.

Moreover, playing video games too much will cause players to suffer from eye-related diseases such as farsightedness and short-sightedness because they have to look at electronic screens for a long time. As a result, their health and development will be negatively affected. Not only that, but game manufacturers also warn that playing video games for more than 180 minutes will seriously affect the psychology of players, especially games with violent or anti-social content. This is why I believe that parents should be the ones to choose the game content their children play as well as control their playing time.

Game content is an important part of influencing children’s thoughts and feelings. There have been many cases of children imitating video games with violent content such as killing and committing crimes in real life, including some of the world’s most famous and popular game content. Although I believe it will still help children practice certain thinking and strategy, I think these games will suit older children who still need control, so their parents must control the time spent playing.

In conclusion, video games can bring many benefits if parents and teachers know how to apply them in a healthy way to children’s learning and entertainment life, but we should not yet ignore their negative consequences. In particular, parents should always try to control their children’s video game time at a certain time to ensure the safety of their children’s eyes and mental health.

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