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Education And Gender Equality

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“Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society.”

Sonia sotomayor

Gender inequality has long been a serious problem in countries around the world where the rights and roles of women are being underestimated. Therefore, society has raised questions about the role of education in solving this problem and issues related to gender equity in schools. As a result, there has been a debate that schools should accept equal numbers of boys and girls in every subject, especially universities. From my point of view, I agree with this opinion for the two following reasons.

Firstly, having the same number of male and female students provides students with a higher chance of communicating with other genders and helps them get used to the collaboration between boys and girls while studying and doing group work. Therefore, pupils will not be shy or afraid of expressing themselves before the other sexes and can deal with sex-related problems in the future.

For example, many criminals kill women who commit crimes because of shyness, unfamiliarity, and discomfort when standing in front of people of the opposite sex. They feel unable to talk, communicate or get used to the existence of the opposite sex. Subsequently, schools should have a relatively equal number of male and female students so that both sides can get used to talking and working with each other. Furthermore, every job has both men and women staff in society so that collaborating between boys and girls in schools can prepare for their career’s environment in the future.

The second reason is that this phenomenon will create fairness in education when boys and girls have the same opportunity to study at their favorite schools and majors. Many universities specializing in health, technology, and mechanics still tend to accept more male students than female students because women cannot study these majors. At the same time, there are still a variety of talented women who desire to learn these subjects.

Accepting almost equal numbers of male and female students to study in these schools will give female students a chance to prove that women can study technological, mechanical, and physical strength majors. They deserve to study in all majors like all male students. Moreover, when these schools accept an equal number of girls and boys, female engineers, workers, and doctors will increase. More female professionals in those fields will help to enhance women’s position in society.

For example, the famous physicist Marie Curie is a scientist known for her great contributions to the physics of humankind. With the support of her own country, family, parents, and husband, Marie Curie had the opportunity to go to famous schools in the world, pursue physics, and devote close to like his whole life to the study of physics. In addition to Marie Curie, there are thousands and millions of talented and outstanding women around the world who need to be given educational and investment opportunities to develop themselves and contribute to society.

What about the role of education in promoting gender equality? I believe that education will help all students, both boys, and girls, understand how to respect and protect every sex in the world. The school will help them understand the differences between the sexes, the differences between them, and how to communicate, work and live with the other gender most comfortably.

In addition, education will help prevent and eliminate bad and old customs such as girls having to get married instead of going to school or girls not being allowed to go to school because that’s boys’ work. This is the premise of building a fair and healthy society for all. We need to change thoughts and misconceptions and propagate good values ​​to the previous and future generations through education. I believe that the responsibility of education is first and foremost to teach people how to protect and appreciate themselves, others, and everything around them. This is an indispensable role in life and the development of society.

However, I cannot deny that there are still many problems of gender inequality in education that exist and continue to persist in many countries around the world, especially developing countries. This is why people with the financial means, education, and understanding should strive to help students who are still disadvantaged academically because of gender inequality. The government and schools should also propagate to everyone to understand the issue of gender equality eliminate prejudices to create a fair world for everyone regardless of gender.

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