Why Is A Study On Poverty Important?

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If a student wants to measure the perimeter of a triangle, he starts with the definitions and studies the formula. Then if we want to measure the amount of food provided for millions of impoverished households, what do we study? Poverty!

The term “poverty” is broader than our usual conceptions; it doesn’t simply imply that people have financial difficulties, no accommodation, or no qualified education. Instead, poverty indicates how future generations are being threatened by the food shortage and unequal distribution of knowledge and employment opportunities.

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Poverty has been a bone of contention for centuries. Who can be confident enough to eradicate impoverishment?

Discouraging as it may sound, humans have no choice but to start from poverty’s core origins and develop sustainable schemes to diminish poverty rates.

Poverty rarely has a single cause. A range of factors including rising living costs, low pay, lack of work, and inadequate social security benefits together mean some people do not have enough resources.

The Causes of Poverty, Child Poverty Action Group


I. Discover The Root Causes Of Poverty

The researchers in the poverty realm utilize various techniques: researching different backgrounds, studying the history of conflicts and warfares, studying GPD rates of other regions, and so on. It is understandable that when the root causes of poverty are comprehensively understood, it is less complicated for us to figure out the solutions.

However, the process requires more effort: as society is rapidly developing and time is flowing unstoppably, the long-lasting issue like poverty and how many poor inhabitants across the globe are suffering from starvation and hardships cannot be dealt with in one or two days. If we want to help them change their lives substantially, we must support a whole generation.

Many online studies suggest that poverty may originate from the lack of employment opportunities, adequate education, social injustice, or even the consequences of historical wars. These causes are inextricably linked.

In other words, those matters need to be mitigated simultaneously rather than separated, which makes the detailed study more indispensable but arduous. In short, this study can give us a deeper insight into the issues related to poverty, from which we can think of proper actions.

II. Put Forward Feasible Schemes To Solve The Problems

We must start looking at each tree and pathway among a forest full of trees to find our way out.

Likewise, among a forest of issues, we must start solving the smallest ones, and studying poverty can help us. Two universally concerned things are the lack of education and lack of jobs. Although many other problems are equally threatening, in a world of materialism where money controls an individual’s daily routines, being highly educated, qualified, and admitted into a good job can be a remarkable milestone for a person.

That is also why many governments nowadays prioritize education for young children; they readily offer free lessons for those with financial difficulties or those in rural areas. This investment can create a high-quality labor source, an essential factor contributing to impending poverty.

Regarding the issue of unemployment – an issue that has been at an alarming rate during the early 2010s; the study of poverty has figured out the threats of joblessness and partly motivated the whole society to create more jobs for people.

Outsourcing can be a temporary solution if not to mention its potential drawbacks. In short, we cannot deny that numerous career schemes have been born to satisfy humans’ thirst for jobs.

The study of poverty is more versatile and practical than you may think. Soon, this study can suggest precisely the core issues we need to start solving the poverty issue. The study can also give us the right direction to prevent global poverty. That is why we call the study of poverty a non-stop and non-profit project so that the outcomes would be more meaningful and can make a difference in the world.

Studying poverty gives the whole community a broader and deeper view of the poor households around us. It stimulates empathy, sympathy, and actions to support people in poverty. The study of poverty also gives the experts and the national governments the directions to put forward the appropriate measures to alleviate global poverty so that we can all have a better future.

At Project Sprouts, we realize that we can not solve all the problems of poverty in a situation like this. But we can seek to make a difference in the lives of needy children by giving them school supplies and encouraging them to continue their education; we can provide them with winter coats, boots, and blankets to help them stay warm during the cold winter months.

Project Sprouts would love to have you be a part of our community and help us help worthy children in North Vietnam. We cannot solve all the world’s problems, but we can do our part to help poor kids grow by giving school supplies, winter coats, boots, and other supplies.

You can find out more about Project Sprouts by clicking here or going to our give now page to donate by clicking here. As we are a grassroots organization, all funds help those in need.

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