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As everyone knows, education plays an important part in our life and teachers are one of the factors that contribute the most to it. In general, the teacher’s role is to assist students in the acquisition of knowledge, such as Math, English, and Science through classroom instruction. In addition, they are responsible for preparing lesson plans, marking tests, managing classrooms, meeting parents, and working with school staff.

However, in this day and age, the teacher not only implements the professional lesson plan, but also plays the role of a multi-disciplinary expert; they are the representative of the parents, the classroom administrator, the academic advisor, the accountant, the model member, the head of the planning department, and many other positions.

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The job of a teacher evolves with time. While instructors used to be given curricular materials along with detailed instructions on how to teach them, this was not a fair or successful method since it did not recognize student individuality or real-world applicability. Teaching is now adaptable, evolving to meet the requirements and expectations of every political or cultural context.

A teacher’s job is not only to maintain discipline and grade students in class, they are also a great source of motivation for students. High scores can motivate each student, but it is the passion and enthusiasm, and sincerity of the teachers that are the source of inspiration to create lifelong learning excitement for students.

In fact, a new teacher can create a stronger bond with students. Through the teaching and learning process, teachers gain a better understanding of each student’s thinking and personality, allowing them to better tailor their teaching. The fact that teachers continue to train themselves has a very positive influence on students because they can become “examples” to both students and educators.

Another important task of all teachers is the transmission of knowledge. Students will have many different ways of learning, leading to a different process of acquiring knowledge.

Often, teachers will decide how to provide appropriate knowledge, ensuring all students understand and master every concept. Supportive resources and methods will play a supporting role, but in general, choosing and applying them in the classroom is up to the teacher, who knows his or her students best.

Finally, the teacher’s most important role is to guide. Their mission is to lead the whole class and help the “lost” students on the right path. A teacher who has the ability to spot students who are particularly passionate about any subject and guide them to their full potential – that’s what a good teacher is!

A responsive teacher encourages pupils to use what they’ve learned in school to become useful members of society. By teaching about social justice and current events, they advocate for individuals who are well-informed and productive. Teachers must be informed, ethical, egalitarian, and involved at all times.

However, the education of children also needs coordination and support from two sides: teachers, schools, and families. We cannot assume that teachers will do well in every role of parents and that parents will do well in all roles of teachers. Both parties need to be in contact to talk about children and work together to find the best educational method for each child.

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