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Poverty – The Responsibility of Individuals or Society?

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Have you ever wondered if poverty is the responsibility of individuals for not working hard or is it the fault of society for not giving them the opportunity to develop themselves? In some Southeast Asian countries, there are some people who think that poverty is due to fate, decided by God and Buddha.

From my point of view, I believe that poverty is not only the responsibility of individuals or the entire society, but the root of the problem originates from both of these factors.

To begin with, we ourselves must be the first ones to put a large of effort into studying, practicing, and working hard to earn money for a good life in the future. For example, Li Ka-Shing is the 30th richest person in the world with an estimated net wealth of US$29.4 billion. Before becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Asia, his life was full of difficulties. Li and his family moved to Hong Kong in 1940 as refugees from the Sino-Japanese war.

After his father’s death, he was forced to drop out of school at age 15 and found a job in a plastics trading company where he worked 16 hours a day. In 1950 he started his own company and developed it into a leading real estate investment company in Hong Kong, then it became a big corporation nowadays.

Tom Robbins Quote: “Every individual has to assume responsibility for his  or her own actions, even the poor and the young. A social system t...”
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If we don’t try, but just want to receive charity money or donations from others because we think society, the government, and the richer people have to help us, then even if we receive money, we will quickly spend all that money and go back to poverty. Sadly, nowadays, in fact, there are many poor people who think that they don’t need to work but just need to receive charity money from others.

This is also the main reason why I think we should create learning and employment opportunities for the poor so that they can have a stable job and income instead of donating money. As the saying goes, hard work and determination is the shortest path to success. Therefore, the people themselves must be aware of their own problems first so that they can train themselves and work hard to have a better future.

However, there is an undeniable fact that there is a part of poor people who, despite working hard, still cannot succeed or become rich. This comes from injustice and the lack of leadership policies of governments.

I have explained this in more detail in my blog Is It True That The Rich Are Growing Richer, And The Poor Are Growing Poorer? post, I think that the leadership policies and laws of the countries of the world today are protecting the rich rather than the poor. This has resulted in the poor not having the opportunity to develop and prove themselves.

To take a simple example, there are many companies and corporations that only hire employees who are relatives of the leader or who give them a lot of money to get a position in the company. As a result, poor people who have no money or connections cannot become employees of that company. These poor people cannot get a stable job with the desired salary to cover their daily living.

Not only for adults, even for children, especially students who are about to go to college, but there are also many shortcomings in education. For example, prestigious and famous universities around the world often charge a very high tuition fee and that makes it somewhat difficult for students from poor families to study at these good universities. Although these universities still offer some scholarships to outstanding students, the number of scholarships offered by the school is very small and there are still many talented students from poor families who cannot attend.

Because of these things, I believe that in order for the poor to be able to get out of poverty, we need to ensure both elements of both the hard work and efforts of individuals as well as the help and fairness of the community. government and society. Only then can we join hands to eliminate poverty on the world map for a better future for mankind.

At Project Sprouts, we realize that we can not solve all the problems of poverty in a situation like this. But we can seek to make a difference in the lives of needy children by giving them school supplies and encouraging them to continue their education; we can give them winter coats, boots, and blankets to help them stay warm during the cold winter months.

Project Sprouts would love to have you be a part of our community and help us to help worthy children in North Vietnam. We cannot solve all the world’s problems, but we can do our part to help poor kids grow by giving school supplies, winter coats, boots, and other supplies.

You can find out more about Project Sprouts by clicking here or going to our give now page to donate by clicking here. As we are a grassroots organization, all funds go to help those in need.

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