About Us

“ At Project Sprouts, we believe that education is one
of the ways to help alleviate poverty in the world.”
— Anita Hummel, Project Sprouts Founder

We truly believe that through education our students can help not only themselves but also their communities.

For this reason, we want to ensure that our students have what they need to succeed when they arrive at school.

We also admire the sacrifices that their teachers make daily. Some must travel many kilometers to reach the schools and many teachers sleep on the floor during the week. It is this selfless dedication to educating and developing the next generations that inspires us to work to ensure that the incredible teachers in our schools have teacher kits so they can continue their amazing work.

Another reality is that a lot of our students must walk many kilometers to school in freezing conditions during the winter months. This is why we also support them with winter coats and waterproof boots so that they can get to school to continue their education.

Support Us in Helping These Students to Learn and Grow